Bill 'The Generator Man' Minyard

Bolivar is no stranger to power outages

Those sunny summer days can also turn dark and powerless without any warning. Be prepared! Power your home or office when you really need it. Remember, 34,000 families were without power in the recent April and May flooding in the Houston & Galveston area. Bill Minyard, a Bolivar resident for 6 years now, can help you. Bill is teaming up with Master Service Company to provide power generators to Bolivar and the Southeast Texas coastal market. He knows Bolivar; and he knows the importance of having power when you need it.

Minyard, a UT graduate with over 35 years of sales experience in real estate, insurance, and investments, is coming out of retirement to help others power up and stay safe in the event of an outage. Bill can offer guidance on a full line of back up generators: all sizes, from 10kw to 60kw. Master Service Company carries RUUD by Briggs & Stratton, renowned for their reliable power products for over 100 years.

With free estimates, free delivery, and complete turnkey installation for your home or business, you need to call Bill now and prepare for the unexpected.

RUUD automatic standby generators

ruudimageCovers your home’s basic circuits providing backup power to your air conditioner, range, refrigerator, dryer, hot water heater, pool and spa, and all your small appliances.

Advanced electronics will detect a utility power outage and automatically start the generator whether you are home or away.

Rust-resistant, Galvanneal steel enclosures are made from the same materials used in the automotive industry.

4-5 Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty – We stand behind the best warranty in the industry and make it easy for our customers to work with us.